“Why are Metro and FTA risking our children’s lives and the health of our school community when the needs of both our school district and mass transit can be met. The Secretary of Transportation must halt federal funding, undertake an unbiased independent review, and force both parties to the table to resolve this matter.”

— Dr. Michael Bregy, Superintendent of Schools
Beverly Hills Unified School District

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The Facts About The Purple Threat

  • The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is expanding a line of the Los Angeles subway system in a way that unnecessarily poses significant health risks to students at Beverly Hills High School and threatens the school’s plans for modernization.
  • The proposed detour for the subway line runs directly beneath historic instructional buildings and the ONLY LAND the High School can develop.
  • The original route was planned under a public right-of-way. The new proposed detour, a mere 800-900 feet from the original, is longer, slower and wastes more than $400 million in taxpayer dollars.
  • The new detour goes under the high school, through ground littered with abandoned oil wells and saturated with methane gas and oil. The amount of methane gas and oil has not been adequately studied.
  • Construction staging areas are planned directly adjacent to the High School property and next to classrooms. The digging and construction will disrupt learning and create health issues for more than seven years.
  • Alternative routes can go to the same station to avoid going under the school. These would work just as well. Also, there are alternative locations for the construction staging areas.
  • Beverly Hills Unified School District has been involved in litigation over this plan for several years. Any efforts by the School District to resolve the matter consensually have been rebuffed by Metro.
  • Under the Obama administration, $1.87 billion was allocated for Section 2 of the Project. Section 2 includes only one segment of the subway from a station at Wilshire/Rodeo in Beverly Hills to a station at Constellation Boulevard in Century City — the segment that travels directly beneath the High School. $100 million increments are distributed to Metro from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) annually under a Full Funding Grant Agreement.
  • President Donald Trump and his Administration have the power to protect the students and school district since they now control the federal funds Metro needs to complete the project.
  • If the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) does not believe that the project is in compliance with the law — and it is NOT in compliance because substantial funds were allocated to this alignment while the agencies was obligated by a federal district court judge to analyze whether there is any prudent and feasible alternative to the alignment under the High School – FTA can, and must, temporarily suspend funds under the agreement.
  • If the next incremental allocation is suspended, pending an independent review of the Section 2 alignment by DOT, it would bring the parties to the negotiation table.
  • A mutually agreed-upon resolution will expedite construction, and ensure that litigation is not an obstacle to completion before the 2028 Olympics.
  • For the safety of students and faculty, and the future viability of the school district, President Trump must direct Secretary Chao to:
    • Temporarily suspend funding for this section of the subway pending an independent review, and
    • Bring all parties to the table to resolve the matter.

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